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Laser Texturing

At Custom Etch, the latest in 5-axis laser texturing technology complements traditional chemical mold texturing and engraving processes. 5-axis laser texturing is a highly flexible process that simplifies the complicated task of applying complex textures and patterns onto mold cavities, cores, mandrels, embossing rolls and profile embossing wheels, yielding remarkable accuracy and detail, with the added benefit of 100% repeatability. When coupled with our experience, efficiency, and excellent customer service, 5-axis laser texturing technology at its best allows Custom Etch the opportunity to help our customers discover and explore unique design opportunities that propels development, prototyping, and manufacturing of their products to greater success.

Laser Technology

Our GFMS Laser 1000 5Ax with 52-pallet robotic work changer, was primarily designed for high volumes of smaller molds, and is ideally suited for bottle molds, mobile electronics, bottle caps/lids, etc. The GFMS Laser 1200 5Ax with a max weight capacity of 3700 lbs is ideally suited for mid-sized to large molds, such as tire molds, engine covers, automotive lenses, and small to medium size embossing rolls. Our largest solution, the GFMS Laser 4000 5Ax, virtually removes size and weight limitations with an approximate mold capacity of 3000 mm (9ft +) in the X-axis (width), 4000 mm (13ft +) Y-axis (length), 1500 mm (nearly 5ft) Z-axis (height) and a weight capacity only limited by our 25 ton overhead crane. To learn more about Custom Etch Inc.’s 5-Axis laser technology and how it could benefit your company, please contact your CEI sales engineer or use the “contact” page links to be in touch.