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5-Axis Laser Technology

Laser technology enables us to produce texturizing, engraving, microstructuring, marking and labeling of 2D geometries right through to complex 3D geometries. Custom Etch is the first in North America to offer a range of 5-axis lasers to handle regular to large size tools.


AgieCharmilles’ Laser 1000

The ideal solution for duplicating a texture or engraving onto multiple tools with precision. The 1000 features an automated palletizing system, allowing it to reproduce 24 hours a day.

Primary Applications Include:
Bottle Molds, Dairy Molds, Medical tools, and small automotive molds.

Max workpiece dimensions
(W x D x H)
11.811 x 11.811 x 11.811 in
300 x 300 x 300 mm

Max workpiece weight
(3-axis machining)
1653.45 lb
‪750 kg

Max workpiece weight
(5-axis machining)
330.69 lb
‪150 kg

AgieCharmilles’ Laser 1200

The Laser 1200 is our most versatile machine. Molds that are larger can be engraved with the same accuracy as the 1000. The additional space also provides an option for small embossing rolls.

Primary Applications Include:
Multi-Cavity Molds, Outdoor product molds, Gun grips, and medium automotive molds.

Max workpiece dimensions
(W x D x H)
27.559 x 27.559 x 27.559 in
700 x 700 x 700 mm

Max. workpiece weight
3747.82 lb
‪1700 kg

AgieCharmilles’ Laser 4000

Custom Etch is the first company in North America to feature large format engraving with the Laser 4000. The largest molds can now feature complex 3D textures.

Primary Applications Include:
Larger molds such as Door Molds, Siding molds, Marine and Automotive Molds.

Maximum workpiece dimensions (W x D x H)
98.425 x 59.055 x 35.433 in
2500 x 1500 x 900 mm

Max. workpiece weight
50,000 lbs
‪22679.62‬ kg