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The First Robot Automation for 5-Axis Lasers in the World

5 Axis Laser Robot Automation

Announcing the first robot automated production line utilizing 5-axis lasers for texture engraving.

System 3R automation solutions features an industrial 3 axis robot to deliver pallets through a 52 station magazine. The magazine currently feeds three +GF+ Laser 1000s to mass produce precision finishing for mold production. Our lasers are able to operate around the clock 365 days a year due to the robot’s additional stations.

The Magazine system features two full shelves along with a single rotary table. The full shelves allow the lasers to operate within the recommended size and weight capabilities. Our rotary table is the latest addition, tailor made for the bottle mold industry, it efficiently maximizes the usage of space by adding 34 stations to a multi-teared magazine.

Custom Etch has pioneered the use of laser texture onto molds in North America since 2012. Today, Custom Etch provides the service of six 5-axis lasers, and of course the first robot utilized for automation in our field. Our volume capabilities will continue to expand as a result of additional lasers plugged into the line.

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