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Continued growth as Custom Etch adds its second GFMS L4000 5Ax

Early adoption of laser texturing technology has paid off for Custom Etch, and we are pleased to announce the purchase of a second GF Machining Solutions (GFMS) Laser 4000 5Ax to meet growing demand. Custom Etch remains the only company in North America with the GFMS L4000 5Ax, the largest 5-axis laser texturing solution on the market. The L4000’s capacity virtually removes size and weight limitations with its maximum 5-axis work-piece dimensions (W x L x H) 98.425 x 59.055 x 35.433 inches, a maximum 3-axis working range of 157.48 x 118.11 x 59.055 inches and a weight capacity only limited by our 25 ton overhead crane. A key benefit to the large capacity is that molds can remain fully assembled, saving both time and money.   The GFMS L4000 5Ax will be installed and operational by October 2015. To learn more please navigate to our Laser Texturing and 5-axis Laser FAQ pages, or visit the manufacture’s site at GFMS Laser 4000 5Ax website.

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