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Laser Texturing capacity grows (again) with new GFMS Laser 4000 5Ax

Custom Etch is pleased to announce it’s 3rd and by far largest solution in 5-axis laser texturing technology with the GF Machining Solutions Laser 4000 5Ax. The L4000 5Ax virtually removes size and weight limitations with an approximate mold capacity of 3000 mm (9ft +) in the X-axis (width), 4000 mm (13ft +) Y-axis (length), 1500 mm (nearly 5ft) Z-axis (height) and a weight capacity only limited by our 25 ton overhead crane. This has great implications for many industries and large mold processes. To learn more please navigate to our Laser Texturing and 5-axis Laser FAQ pages, or visit the manufacture’s site at GFMS Laser 4000 5Ax website.

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