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Laser Texturing capacity grows with new GFMS Laser 1200 5Ax

Custom Etch Inc. is pleased to announce the purchase of its second 5-axis laser texturing machine, the GF Machining Solutions LASER 1200 5Ax, adding size and weight capacity while maintaining the highest levels of texturing quality customers have come to expect from Custom Etch and its 5-axis laser texturing services. Custom Etch stands out as the only job-shop in North America with the GFMS Laser 1200 5Ax, complimenting its 31+ years of chemical etching and engraving experience with the accuracy, detail and productivity of the latest in 5-axis laser ablation. Through the precision control of 3D surface mapping, Custom Etch has the ability of laser texturing complex patterns and grains to complicated mold cavities, cores, mandrels, embossing rolls and profile embossing wheels with the highest degree of accuracy. With the installation of the GFMS Laser 1000 5Ax with 6-pallet robotic changer in September 2011, Custom Etch added a machine primarily for smaller parts and productivity, such as for the bottling and packaging industries. The GFMS Laser 1200 5Ax allows Custom Etch to laser texture much larger molds, dies, electrodes and embossing rolls, with a weight limit of more than 3,700 lbs., a 5-axis ablation area of nearly 28” cubed, and a 3-axis ablation area of nearly 36” x 48”, anticipating its greatest impact in the Automotive and Tire industries. Laser ablation, the removal of material from the surface of an object by vaporization, represents a process that is highly flexible in executing geometric and organic patterns. The GFMS lasers’ mapping systems use a pulse laser to render the desired texture or engraving with up to 256 passes, achieving the highest levels of detail for 3D textures. Both 2D and 3D details are achieved using high-quality digital images, so textures, patterns, and engravings can be 100% repeatable. This also allows for much greater creativity in design across a wide variety of mold materials. With Custom Etch Inc.’s experience, efficiency and high level of customer service, the 5-axis Laser Texturing technology allows us to offer our customers all the support and partnership to propel production, development and prototyping forward. Custom Etch Inc. is located at 1813 West State Street in New Castle, Pennsylvania. For more information about our laser capabilities, please call (724) 652-7117, visit or email us at

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