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Laser Texturing – 5-axis Technology comes to Custom Etch

Custom Etch Inc. is pleased to announce the recent addition of the latest in 5-axis laser ablation technology with the purchase of GF AgieCharmilles’ (GFAC) LASER 1000 5Ax. GFAC’s LASER 1000 5Ax complements Custom Etch Inc.’s nearly 30 years of chemical etching and engraving experience. Laser ablation allows for precision control of 3D surface mapping and the ability to engrave complex patterns and textures onto complicated mold cavities, cores, mandrels, embossing rolls, and profile embossing wheels with the highest degree of accuracy and control. Laser ablation is the removal of material from the surface of an object by vaporization, a process that is highly flexible with respect to executing geometric and organic patterns. The mapping system of the GFAC’s LASER 5Ax uses a pulse laser to render the desired texture or engraving with up to 50 passes, achieving the highest levels of detail for 3D textures. Both 2D and 3D details are achieved using high-quality digital images so textures, patterns, and engravings can be 100% repeatable. This also allows for much greater creativity in design across a wide variety of mold materials. When coupled with Custom Etch Inc.’s experience, efficiency, and customer service excellence, the 5-axis LASER 1000 5Ax technology allows Custom Etch the opportunity to help our customers discover and explore unique design opportunities and propel forward the development, prototyping, and manufacture of their products.   Custom Etch Inc. is located at 1813 West State Street in New Castle, PA. For more information about our laser capabilities, please call (724) 652-7117 or use the Quick Contact form to send us an email.

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