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Custom Etch Inc. Texture Engraving Specialist Since 1982.

5-Axis Mold Laser EngravingSince 1982, Custom Etch has grown to be recognized as one of the most reliable texture service operations in the world. With the creation of Custom Etch Rolls in 1996, we enlarged our operations and strengthened our customer-focused organization to meet the expanding needs of the molding and embossing industries. The addition of 5-axis laser texturing technology in 2011 illustrates our continued commitment in responding to our customers needs. Custom Etch provides our customers with experienced support to develop their texture ideas and expertise to create the best possible aesthetic and functional textured surfaces. Learn More…

The First Robot Automation for 5-Axis Lasers in the World

Posted by on May 5, 2017 in Company News | 0 comments

Announcing the first robot automated production line utilizing 5-axis lasers for texture engraving. System 3R automation solutions features an industrial 3 axis robot to deliver pallets through a 52 station magazine. The magazine currently feeds three +GF+ Laser 1000s to mass produce precision finishing for mold production. Our lasers are able to operate around the clock 365 days a year due to the robot’s additional stations. The Magazine system features two full shelves along with a single rotary table. The full shelves allow the...

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Continued growth as Custom Etch adds its second GFMS L4000 5Ax

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015 in Company News | 0 comments

Early adoption of laser texturing technology has paid off for Custom Etch, and we are pleased to announce the purchase of a second GF Machining Solutions (GFMS) Laser 4000 5Ax to meet growing demand. Custom Etch remains the only company in North America with the GFMS L4000 5Ax, the largest 5-axis laser texturing solution on the market. The L4000’s capacity virtually removes size and weight limitations with its maximum 5-axis work-piece dimensions (W x L x H) 98.425 x 59.055 x 35.433 inches, a maximum 3-axis working range of 157.48 x 118.11 x...

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Laser 1000 Live Demonstration at NPE 2015

Posted by on Dec 9, 2014 in Company News | 0 comments

Custom Etch Inc. is excited to team up with GF Machining Solutions in order to provide a live demonstration of our 5 axis Laser 1000 at the next International Plastics Showcase. NPE 2015 is the world’s largest plastics trade show and conference of the year. Featuring industry-focused education, showcasing equipment and material suppliers, emerging technologies, and running equipment for every phase of plastics processing & more. GF Machining Solutions’ laser technology enables us here at Custom Etch Inc. to produce texturizing,...

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Laser Texturing capacity grows (again) with new GFMS Laser 4000 5Ax

Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 in Company News | 0 comments

Custom Etch is pleased to announce it’s 3rd and by far largest solution in 5-axis laser texturing technology with the GF Machining Solutions Laser 4000 5Ax. The L4000 5Ax virtually removes size and weight limitations with an approximate mold capacity of 3000 mm (9ft +) in the X-axis (width), 4000 mm (13ft +) Y-axis (length), 1500 mm (nearly 5ft) Z-axis (height) and a weight capacity only limited by our 25 ton overhead crane. This has great implications for many industries and large mold processes. To learn more please navigate to our...

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Laser Texturing capacity grows with new GFMS Laser 1200 5Ax

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Company News | 0 comments

Custom Etch Inc. is pleased to announce the purchase of its second 5-axis laser texturing machine, the GF Machining Solutions LASER 1200 5Ax, adding size and weight capacity while maintaining the highest levels of texturing quality customers have come to expect from Custom Etch and its 5-axis laser texturing services. Custom Etch stands out as the only job-shop in North America with the GFMS Laser 1200 5Ax, complimenting its 31+ years of chemical etching and engraving experience with the accuracy, detail and productivity of the latest in...

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Plastics News: 5-axis laser texturing technology helps Custom Etch thrive

Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Company News | 0 comments

NEW CASTLE, PA. (April 19, 1:25 p.m. ET) — Nestled in beside a Pizza Joe’s in a nondescript brown building in New Castle, Custom Etch Inc. hides in plain sight. In the custom etching industry, however, the company is carving a unique niche. Custom Etch says this five-axis Laser 1000 from GF AgieCharmilles allows engraving and texturing across any surface with ultrafine detail. The company still uses chemical etching and texturing techniques on molds, rolls and dies, but in the fourth quarter of last year it incorporated laser technology with...

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Laser Texturing – 5-axis Technology comes to Custom Etch

Posted by on Nov 11, 2011 in Company News | 0 comments

Custom Etch Inc. is pleased to announce the recent addition of the latest in 5-axis laser ablation technology with the purchase of GF AgieCharmilles’ (GFAC) LASER 1000 5Ax. GFAC’s LASER 1000 5Ax complements Custom Etch Inc.’s nearly 30 years of chemical etching and engraving experience. Laser ablation allows for precision control of 3D surface mapping and the ability to engrave complex patterns and textures onto complicated mold cavities, cores, mandrels, embossing rolls, and profile embossing wheels with the highest degree of accuracy...

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